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The half-naked dancers, some as young as 11, are also said to be attracting 'sex tourists' to the kingdom. The New Republic reported, 'Smith "understood there was a traditional part to the dance but in light of the gravity of the HIV situation [thought] maybe they could put tradition aside," Szlavik recalls. It wasn't an unreasonable point. Families who don't send their daughters to the Umhlanga have to pay a fine, usually a goat or a cow. There are also concerns that people who come into Swaziland to attend the event are 'sex tourists'. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. The traditional dress means going topless and wearing very short skirts.

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It wasn't an unreasonable point.

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But try explaining that to a conservative Republican congressman. The Swazi Observer 16 Augusta newspaper in effect owned by the King, reported her saying, 'You are also expected to attend in your numbers as our culture teaches us to always respect and attend to royal commands. Inthe Guardian newspaper, a respected international publication based in the United Kingdom, reported that many participants were forced to attend the Umhlanga. Init was reported by media within Swaziland that girls were told if they did not attend that year's Reed Dance they would be publicly whipped. The traditional dress means going topless and wearing very short skirts. Related Entertainment Southern Africa Swaziland. The women are encouraged by traditionalists not to wear underwear.

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nude chicks from swaziland
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nude chicks from swaziland
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