Mature human nerve cells and muscle cells

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One type of tissue delivers water, minerals, and nutrients to different parts of the plant. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter at the neuromuscular junction. Why nerve cells can't reproduce? Nerve cells also receive, carry … and pass electrical impulses through someones body. We used to think that people never got new nerve cells, but it turns out that we get a small number of them around the teen years. As you might imagine, nerve cells also called neuronal cells are very specialized - they do a very specific, complicated job in the body. These groups of specialized cells form tissue.

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Cell growth and reproduction?

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Mature human nerve cells and muscle cells?

Nerve and muscle cells are in what phase? If we can't add new nerve cells, how do you think we learn? It does seem weird that we can't replace nerve cells that get damaged. Did Dinosaurs hunt Humans? What a great question! Chemicals from foods stimulate receptor cells inside the taste buds on our tongues.

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mature human nerve cells and muscle cells
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mature human nerve cells and muscle cells
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