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Feature illutration via govert These are the sensitive parts you can play with. He says he really likes it a lot since I don't have teeth, but sometimes I wonder if he's just tryin to make me feel ok about myself, or he really likes it that way. Related Questions Is it possible for your wisdom teeth to get infected? DO you think 14 is too young to have sex?

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I guess the key is judicious use of the tongue, plus setting the jaw so that you don't accidentally bite down.

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Is getting oral better for guys with teeth or without?

So don't worry about hurting him, and go ahead and relax a little. I can imagine that without teeth might feel smoother and hence better. I'm sure he's not just saying that. I'd say it has a lot to do with how much experience you've had at giving. With your lips closed around him, your mouth naturally creates a gentle sucking sensation anyway try popping your finger in your mouth, and see for yourselfso don't worry too much at this point about trying to generate that vacuum effect. Some guys are just lucky to a girl do that. Not the worlds best oral sex.

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oral sex with no teeth
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oral sex with no teeth
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