Canine anal gland infection

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Normal anal gland fluid ranges from yellow to tan in colour and is watery in consistency. Impacted anal gland material is usually brown or grey, and thick with the occasional presence of blood or pus indicating infection. Treating Anal Sac Disease in Dogs: Home Health For owners Anal gland impaction Anal gland impaction in dogs: This article will help you better understand anal glands. This causes lots of itchiness, pain and general discomfort. The actual cause of anal sac problems is not well-understood.

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Tylenol Acetaminophen Overdose in Dogs.

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Anal Sac Disease in Dogs

You've just washed your dog from top to tail using the finest shampoo and conditioner money can buy, but even after drying him, the same horrible fishy odour you noticed pre-groom is still lingering in your poor nostrils. Depending on the breed of your dog, this may be a challenging feat. Although a fairly simple procedure, complications such as fecal incontinence can rarely occur. But at least you'll be able to detect and identify any issues quickly and hopefully save your dog from the pain and discomfort of anal gland problems. With rare cases of recurrent infection or presence of a specific type of malignant tumour called an anal sac adrenocarcinoma, anal glands may be removed surgically by a procedure known as anal sacculectomy. The high fiber makes the animal's stool more bulky.

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canine anal gland infection
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canine anal gland infection
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