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The unit was believed to be under the overall command of ISIL's most senior Syrian operative, spokesman and propaganda chief Abu Mohammad al-Adnani [] [] until his death by airstrike in late August Sweet Pussycat Sophia Riding Cock. Regional organisations Algeria pro-Iraq pro-Syria. Mueller had also been tortured. In late Decembernearly 70, Indian Muslim clerics associated with the Indian Barelvi movement issued a fatwa condemning ISIL and similar organisations, saying they are "not Islamic organisations". However, while al-Nusra has typically destroyed Druze shrines and pressured them to convert to Sunni Islam, ISIL regards the entire Druze community as a valid target for violence, as it does the Yazidis.

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Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

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This was described by some media outlets as a "declaration of war". It condemns later caliphates and the Ottoman Empire for deviating from what it calls pure Islam, and seeks to revive the original Wahhabi project of the restoration of the caliphate governed by strict Salafist doctrine. The report stated that the mass graves were evidence of genocides conducted by ISIL in the region, including the genocide of Yazidis. To this end, they pick and choose the evidences that corroborate their misguidance, despite being weak or abrogated. Kerr, Michael; Larkin, Craig

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