Slim lick you up and down

All they wanna do is go to sleep, or smoke a cigarette. Yeah, I used to be like that. You know what I once said? When most mens cum, you know what, you think that he give a damn whether you cum or not? She washed ten loads every day and sold or gave away the clothes to friends and an extended family so confusing it would give Eudora Welty fits. He moved back to Chicago in the late 60s and worked at Chess, playing almost every night on the south side, in joints smothered in red shag, red fake velvet and red mood lighting.

I just wanna be, 8 days a week, your Candy Licker, girl.

Lick You Up And Down

He flips through the CDs and makes a face. Jody will lick you up, woo! I wanna make you feel good I wanna lick you till you cum I'm not lying girl. Repeat uh uh I wanna make you cum. You better get rid of them motherfuckers. While your husband is on his job, thinking about the bills, heh.

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  1. cut out all the bitch catering gutiar playing crap and add a proper nut blinding facial at the end on this ho and this would be acceptable, but no, this is just more weak bs from this d-bag married couple