9 week old puppy recessed vulva

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Sometimes showing UTI like symptoms when rushed outside for potty break, almost like marking. I guess there's a million things it could be, but I'm wondering why it happened, and why the sudden improvement? Someone should be crated at all times so they are apart, or kept in totally different parts of the house. Until you see the blood, any "off" behavior is just guess work. Should your breeder have disclosed this? It didn't take more than a few days to pretty much clear it up enough to stop the licking.

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Any replies greatfuly received Xx.

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Timber Ridge Farm

Whilst I was waiting for Penny to have a season I put her on cranberry supplements and made sure she was taking on extra water as a means to help prevent urine infections developing and I have to say this seemed to work as she had none from the time I started the supplements to having a season. No, create an account now. Good luck, hopefully others who have more experience with heat cycles will give some info also. This is an uncommon problem and not something for which we routinely check unless it's glaringly obvious or there seems to be a health concern. Someone else will always be able to benefit in the long run.

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9 week old puppy recessed vulva
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9 week old puppy recessed vulva
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3 thoughts on “9 week old puppy recessed vulva

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