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Even as I entered my room, I rushed to the bathroom and took my erect, throbbing cock out. She had a facial and her eyebrows were trimmed. After a minute, I pushed my forefinger completely in and wiggled. I resumed my earlier action of sliding the hem up; now without any hindrance. I took my right hand back to its original position. The dam burst the next few seconds and she cried out a "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa" and shuddered. Her legs moved a little wider.

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My wife and I had a great sex life.

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My cock became stiff with desire. Sensing my urgency, she took her mouth away from my throbbing cock, saying, "Oh, no, baby, I need you to fuck my hungry cunt now. She was fast asleep, breathing evenly and appeared to be dead to the world. My wife and I had a great sex life. I and my wife Sumana 58 live in our own comfortable three bed room apartment in a posh area of our city, our only daughter, married, lives in U.

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