Spanking him for peeing pants

Good luck and God bless you! As others have stated, it could be a psychological issue. Why is mummy clapping at 2am in the morning? It's not telling you to literally beat him not with a rod either, that's just how the Hebrew got translated, it was actually a switch. From a purely child developmental standpoint, a child of 3 actually does not "know better" since the ability to reason is not yet operational. She has had several dry nights, and has woken on her own to use the toilet in the night several times.

It seems kind of bizzarre to me, to tell a child to urinate because you are going to spank him.

Blonde babe pissed on her pants while getting sp ...

That is when parents abuse children. It works well for a lot of kids. He barely went to the bathroom. This is all about the big having power over the small. Cows milk, chocolate, eggs, grain and citrus fruit are bad bed partners for an estimated 5. No matter where you ultimately fall on the spanking issue, do note that if a teacher, doctor or other adult that is mandated to report such things gets wind of your son wetting on himself during a spanking, the authorities will be contacted and abuse charges may be filed.

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