Mg midget timing instructions

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My car has the five prong style, but my car is also a 74, which I assume would be a later A-series engine. I had to shift the distributor to get the timing correct, and the wear on the rotor was all one one edge. If it is near the top of its exhaust stroke, piston 4 will be near the top of its compression stroke, ready for the spark plug to fire, and the distributor points should be very close to opening. When its very close to the top, hold it in the hole while you turn the engine back and forth to find the highest point. With the key in the ON positon, start turning the distributor body back and forth. Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? I put one end of the test lamp on the lead of the distributor and the other on something hot, and turned the distributor until the light turned off and screwed it down.

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Its never inline with TDC.

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If the distributor is badly worn the engine will pink. I agre with everthing that's been said. Next put the car in 4th gearand push the car forward untill both valves on 1 are closed both the rockers feel loose and the piston is at the very top of the cylinder. There is a tiny groove on the pulley wheel that is very hard to see but when you do find it then either cover it with some white chalk or white paint so that you can find it again. Did not have to readjust at all. In reply to by Speedracer This is what I do, it had to one sick puppy who designed a bottom timing pointer.

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mg midget timing instructions
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mg midget timing instructions
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