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At tribal, Sandra said exactly what I was thinking That made me roll my eyes and grit my teeth and ask myself why I continue to watch this. I'll wade through minutes and minutes of poopmercials for a flash of cock bulge and ball sack, especially if it's Caleb's or Nick's. I think Sandra is good at this game, but part of the reason she was able to get the tribe to turn against Tony is because they wanted an excuse to get rid of him. Why didn't Varner lose weight before the show?

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Remember when he cried in front of the cameras when he realized he was about to be given the boot?

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Survivor Season 34

And how in the fuck does his hair look so styled after that many days on Survivor??? The pretty girl on Debbie's team said something like, "Debbie thinks I get away with things because I'm young and she gets the blame because she's a troll. Probst doesn't seem to be overly enthusiastic, which is surprising since it's a returning players season with several alpha males and one alpha female. A big fat "whatever" to all of the Big Brother fans coming out of the woodwork and trashing Caleb. Once Jeff says you are the next person voted out of the game, you are out of the game at that moment and there is no more game play.

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ozzy survivor hard penis
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