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Well, apparently the kind that scrimps on background checks. Is that a cold sore or something else? Does male circumcision harm women? The distraught father commented: Implying that nobody should ever have to see an intact penis - what, Dasher can't just roll over or close his eyes? Virginia Johnson delivers a fiery reply:. But I draw the line at that!

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Since circumcision permanently changes a male's body, should parents even make the decision to have the procedure performed without significant benefitsor should each person decide for themselves as adults?

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News about circumcision from Australia and around the world : 2013

Exclusive with Reality Royalty: We suggest that it would make more sense not to perform circumcision in the first place, but rather to instruct medical personnel and parents in the value of the foreskin, the simple rules for taking care of it, and drive home the message that routine circumcision is likely to do more harm than good. Don't you have to? After a meal at Max's house, Jodie and Darren kiss and she leaves the room to get a condom. Jack McNeil Mark Harmon is surprised to discover that his teenage "female" patient had been born a boy. Full text available on Injury and Harm Page. Having retracting it, he is unable to get it forward again.

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adult male circumcision cbs news clip
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adult male circumcision cbs news clip
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